Our Mission

At QuikCheckout, our main priority is to simplify and expedite the direct-selling process, resulting in an improved purchasing experience for direct sales customers and increased revenues for our consultant users.


Our Strategy

Our product solution addresses three primary areas of functionality: 

  • Efficiency – The selling process is enhanced through speed and automation. All selling functions, pricing, order preparation and contact lists are stored in one place for easy access. Significant energy can be re-directed to focus more on customer needs and less on manual paperwork.
  • Accuracy – Eliminating the manual aspect of purchase orders greatly reduces the chances of error. Contact names, groups, and purchase history are electronically stored and easily shared without having to rewrite information and introduce the possibility of human error.
  • Flexibility – Our product is developed to operate using any direct selling system. The seamless integration into any product platform allows many types of sellers to benefit from QuikCheckout. It also offers users the flexibility to sell whenever, wherever they please – no longer limited to only Gatherings in people’s homes.
  • Closing – Detailed receipts are e-mailed to each customer and to the consultant. As part of the party closing process, enlistment of new consultants and booking additional future direct selling events are incorporated into the order finalization and automatic email communications with each customer.



Our husband and wife management team has extensive experience in technology development, sales, marketing, finance and customer service. Senior executives have industry specific expertise in direct selling as well as strong financial and accounting backgrounds.

Our passion is to maximize the use of smart phone technologies in direct selling venues, particularly where PC Internet access is limited or unavailable, such as in party host homes. In addition, the creators of QuikCheckout recognize that direct sales consultants are primarily interested in satisfying their customers product purchasing needs.  QuikCheckout was created to reduce the administrative burden surrounding sales “parties” so that the consultant can have a more focused and successful party-plan sales experience.